Apple vs The Paradox of Choice!

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Marques Brownlee

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How Apple kills entire companies with the flip of 1 switch.
The Apple Ecosystem Explained:

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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 10 ימים לפני
To continue to learn way more about sharks! -->
sreamwalker24 16 שעות לפני
I really like to think of you as a responsible Tech reviewer how come no one is mentioning the fact is that if Apple keeps the air tags exclusively for Apple then all Apple customers can now stock any Android user without them knowing and jerry-rig everything showed that the speaker can easily be removed so the beeping after 3 days is meaningless this area of the industry needs to be regulated by the government anybody who cannot access the find my app are now potential victims of being stalked
Kaff231 19 שעות לפני
Love this video really makes you think about choices we have yet somehow we can be so predictable
T R יום לפני
@anto k That is my #1 question, this is a stalking tool made super easy and cheap. All privacy is gone, not by only these trackers, but technology in general.
Gurjit Singh
Gurjit Singh 2 ימים לפני
@MKBHD I don’t think so, you ever touched your Camara lens at the end of your every videos ☺️
e3vL1 2 ימים לפני
Apple: Earth and Water. A token to Titles submission to the will of Apple Tile: Earth and water...' draws out sword ' Apple: This is blasphemy this is madness
elwingy 6 דקות לפני
I can also choose to watch tech reviews from other ILpostrs out there, and yet here I am watching the Shark..! ;)
elwingy 20 דקות לפני
lol at some people commenting that with this video apple will stop sending him stuff... Just look at his keys? They have an airtag. Look at his wrist? It has an apple watch. So his pocket has an iphone as well. And what is that in the background? Yeah... ;)
Gil Porat
Gil Porat שעה לפני
which movie is 5:15 taken from?
#NE-5437 Official
#NE-5437 Official 2 שעות לפני
Tim Cook for a reason, is the smartest guy to rule Apple!
aayush singhi
aayush singhi 4 שעות לפני
Also Beats by Dr. Dre
eaches25 5 שעות לפני
Life got so much easier when I switched to android about 6 years ago.
Andrej Bonker
Andrej Bonker 5 שעות לפני
Marques you are framing sharks in a bad way and part of the sharkism network. Shame on you!
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim 6 שעות לפני
It is a something that somebody has to speak out. And He did it.
Ruthvik S S
Ruthvik S S 9 שעות לפני
Apple Gives Serious Jobs To Everyone ! Even Not Apple Customers ! ✌️😎
Tristan Caley
Tristan Caley 9 שעות לפני
I mean, there is a 3rd option. They can enable access to the Find My network *via* a toggle in their app, just for compatible Tile units. Essentially make it an opt-in feature in their trackers, and tout the now much more versatile Tile products as a value alternative to AirTags because they connect to *both* networks. So now Android users have an incentive to get Tiles because they can utilize the Find My network to boost the number of potential "finders" coming in contact with their items. Apple still wins, but Tile wins too, and so does the rest of the world by maintaining some level of competition in the space. Tile can compete on design or additional functionality or just the addition of an entire established network of users and devices, but at least they'll be competing.
J Scott Upton
J Scott Upton 9 שעות לפני
PRICE is STILL an important factor. I buy used Pixel phones because I get a BUNCH of great features for under $100 (i.e. my Pixel 2 which cost me $80). Android has many other advantages over the Apple system.
Aplishgastravaganza nooty
Aplishgastravaganza nooty 10 שעות לפני
what about apple tv? is it worth buying or investing in??
Hunter Stout
Hunter Stout 10 שעות לפני
Tile needs to get together with all Android manufacturers and make a competing Tile managed network that uses all existing devices that run any version of Android. Then there would be true competition with Apple's network.
Draaft-Lore Vids
Draaft-Lore Vids 10 שעות לפני
I honestly think apple should have the right to enhance their ecosystem in this way. This isn't irresponsible or reckless, when a company creates a market is made it has to make that market worth while and expand into other new markets with their tech to assert it's competitive advantage. Apple tracking tags was going to happen eventually imo, and tile could of expanded and grew into other tracking markets like chips for e-bikes, etc...Apple's Find My was a competitor that didn't have tracking tags, and they should of had the foresight that would not be the case forever. Apple was smart to allow other third party applications first like e-bikes and more. And then close the market by adding tags.
GeneralRoshambo 11 שעות לפני
But why does the remora fish evolve into an octopus?
Raul Oropeza
Raul Oropeza 12 שעות לפני
This is by far one of my favorite videos MKBHD has made to date because of the analogies to sea life
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 12 שעות לפני
Alfred > Spotlight
Morton Hamlette
Morton Hamlette 13 שעות לפני
You might be right but with the new partnership with Tile and Amazon Echo Sidewalk it puts tile more advanced and feature proof and ability greater than the find my network... Also every house and business has Amazon and Devices..... Tile is far superior with this new Partnership...
Dokiso Mwela
Dokiso Mwela 13 שעות לפני
classic story of the rich and powerful trampling on the small, weak or poor
ark_keeper 14 שעות לפני
When you scrolled through your find my devices!
InventorZahran 14 שעות לפני
I think you forgot about how Apple banned a lot of parental control apps from the App Store, just before announcing their own built-in Screen Time app, which essentially replaced those third-party alternatives.
InventorZahran 14 שעות לפני
What if Tile made a bluetooth tracking tag that could communicat with the Apple *AND* Tile networks at the same time?
InventorZahran 14 שעות לפני
Or does Apple have some anti-competitive rule saying "anyone who makes a thing that connects to the Find My network cannot allow it to connect to any other networks"?
InventorZahran 14 שעות לפני
So the shark is creating its own remoras, and telling the ones who were already with it to go away!
hussain alsaif
hussain alsaif 14 שעות לפני
The only way what Apple is doing can be plausible is if they turn to an open source model.
Dominik Josip Ivošević
Dominik Josip Ivošević 15 שעות לפני
Yoo CuriosityStream is such a steal! If there was ever an undervalued product/service this is it! 14 bucks for literally a whole year of watching hundreds of documentaries and also Nebula, I enjoy it more than any other streaming platform 💜
dtrelz music
dtrelz music 15 שעות לפני
I think you're given apple to much credit, these company failed to pair up with a company who offered what they lack and therefore became the blockbuster of today, not to completely discredit your point because I understand the whole eco system thing and it's advantages. Great breakdown
Madison Elizabeth
Madison Elizabeth 15 שעות לפני
I like this video but was expecting something about the actual principle of the paradox of choice lol
Ed Skinner
Ed Skinner 16 שעות לפני
Shouldn't the point & shoot camera industry be on the list? Printed maps? Good video man!
boratlovesrabbits 17 שעות לפני
man just lost his apple sponsorship.
K MX 17 שעות לפני
The worse cases are the companies make sapphire glass and GPU(called PowerVR I guess?). They don’t have fame when they are alive, and suddenly died when Apple gave up sapphire glass and decided to build their own GPU.
Oliver Lardner
Oliver Lardner 17 שעות לפני
Curiosity Stream is a paradox of choice... (you can watch... but there's no upload button).
H Nguyen
H Nguyen 19 שעות לפני
We don’t know it but there is a DOJ case being built to break up Apple ecosystem monopoly. This video should help nudge it further.
Kaff231 19 שעות לפני
I don't know Marques Tim smiling like that looked pretty menacing
Nick Haralampopoulos
Nick Haralampopoulos 19 שעות לפני
Regarding Watson. Spotlight is in Mac OS X since 10.3. That was in 2005. How old is Watson?
Suhas Surendran
Suhas Surendran 21 שעה לפני
I think apple should make Household appliances. so that it makes dyson products look a lot cheaper 😂
AsumaBob 21 שעה לפני
Alfred is better for than Spotlight.
Diogo Andrade
Diogo Andrade 22 שעות לפני
Apple being evil once again
Ali 22 שעות לפני
Tile should just use the find my network and be the ultimate airtag alternative.
king Carter
king Carter 22 שעות לפני
i feel like apple killed car gps systems too… why use gps when u can just use apple car play. lol i got a used car this yr & one of the key determining factors was whether or not the car had apple carplay abilities.
Martin Ignacio Garza Valdez
Martin Ignacio Garza Valdez 22 שעות לפני
The solucion is only two words open source....
TheVolcomDust 22 שעות לפני
Interesting topic! I guess one area where Apple has seriously tried but so far failed is introducing Apple Music or tweaking iTunes to demolish Spotify. I mean they've even gone as far as no longer using feature spec or compatibility to argue their product but instead pointing to how Spotify pays less to the artist than they do. And I mean that's a valid point no doubt, but it's a point you'd rather expect a third party making AGAINST Apple rather than the other way around.
Jason McMahon
Jason McMahon 22 שעות לפני
I can remember when Walmart replaced K-mart by under-pricing them. They would set up shop, kill the competition and then return prices to what the competition was, after all the smaller stores had closed their doors. Fast food chains have tried this and other techniques to undermine the competition with limited success. All of this to increase their customer base. Apple goes head to head with Windows for just about everything (except hardware), and Facebook competes with Twitter for dominance. All of this creates a very tense coalition of companies vying for my almighty dollar. 'Free' enterprise is a real misnomer, for everyone wants to make a buck. And 'giveaways' are seen as promotionals. They get me hooked on the product, only to charge me for its use later on. There is no 'free lunch' and Apple knows it, so why not cash in while 'the fire is hot.' To their credit, I enjoy the fact that their products 'just work' and I have peace of mind that I never enjoyed with Windows and the hardware that runs it.
vikramjeet singh
vikramjeet singh יום לפני
"You are addicted to mkbhd" Also you can watch your Marvel movies but you won't 😜 But But But You have a choice 🙂🙃
Stonesorrow יום לפני
You should put up links to the apps that were screwed over by Apple.
Nazar M
Nazar M יום לפני
Facebook and Google are next. Amazon might be in the list too. Apple Ad network
Noname user1999
Noname user1999 יום לפני
Meanwhile--- Samsung to Apple: "you can choose our display or not, its a choice" Apple: Morale: there is always a bigger fish out there in the ocean X)
semahj lamons
semahj lamons 13 שעות לפני
I mean Samsung isn’t the only one that supplies apple
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez יום לפני
Man the intros are always so good
Thibault REDIER
Thibault REDIER יום לפני
That Apple magic Mouse charging in the background xD
Ado Bayero
Ado Bayero יום לפני
Somebody give MKBHD a PHD in consumer Tech literacy.
sk8ur bike
sk8ur bike יום לפני
This is why I won't ever buy anything from apple. It's Monopolization. But to each his own. Don't care if anyone wants to buy it.
Hossein Zarei
Hossein Zarei יום לפני
Nice and good 😊
pcortezj יום לפני
I recently randomly downloaded a flashlight app for the strobe light effect lol don’t ask why
Michael Hiltz
Michael Hiltz יום לפני
Apple is slowly turning into the living embodiment of the evil giant tech company
Ryan McCawley
Ryan McCawley יום לפני
Idk. I was looking into tile before apple came out with their tags but couldn’t justify it because I didn’t think enough people would have been on the app for it to be useful. I am a lot more inclined to get a “find my” connected device and I am glad Apple came out with the service. It sucks that Apple is getting all the business but then again this product I s a benefit to me as a consumer. Apple gets a 👍 for allowing others to use the find my network but a 👎 for coming out with their own product that directly competes with tile instead of using them as a partner. A perfect world would be one where there is a standardized system for finding stuff that all devices can use including Apple and google products. Cars could be added as well allowing stolen vehicles to be tracked down super easily. It would be great if it were decentralized and encrypted as well but that might be asking too much.
Condor יום לפני
Ah yes. Another shark connoisseur. A pleasure. I saw this happening quite a few years ago, and it's one of the leading factors that turned me off of the Apple Ecosystem because there's another side of it that feels far more hostile about it as a consumer: You're either all in on the Apple Ecosystem, or you're not in it at all. The only reason anything 3rd party works on Apple devices is because Apple doesn't yet have a 1st party solution. But if that 3rd party solution becomes popular enough, Apple will make it a 1st party solution. And if you don't jump in on the 1st party solution, you will have a harder time because the 3rd party solution suddenly loses a lot of effectiveness since they simply don't get the same integration as Apple's solutions. The quality of life Apple's 1st party solutions tend to provide is a good counter argument to my reasoning though. Like said in the video "you could use the other choice, but why would you?" Because Apple's implementations are, most of the time, superior. And there's nothing wrong with going all in on the Apple Ecosystem. If you want to, go for it. There's nothing wrong with doing so. I just personally prefer the freedom of flexibility of being able to choose between 1st party and 3rd party and not being punished when I choose the latter.
Zephyre UwU
Zephyre UwU יום לפני
None uses tile here. No one will use airtags too. People must be really careless if u need something like this.
Nathan Greene
Nathan Greene יום לפני
Anyone know if Apple charges a licensing fee to be in the find my network? Something similar to their mfi program?
Henning Andersen
Henning Andersen יום לפני
This video and the right to repair video, i like where this is going! Keep it up!
Duarte Filipe Pereira Neves
Duarte Filipe Pereira Neves יום לפני
Who remembers Nokia treasure tags ??
Xcùz יום לפני
Shouldn't the companies like Tile realize how volatile (no pun intended) the accessory business model can be? Of course the OEM can make accessories or software that integrates better into their own product and streamline the market for it right into its existing customer base. Anti-competition would be a law being passed that prevents Apple from doing this... This actually can allow for greater competition as it forces the company to make a product more compelling than the built-in OEM feature and/or force them to expand their own customer base to be compatible with a wider range of products which benefits everyone. This is literally the definition of competition.
Alexander Ivarson
Alexander Ivarson יום לפני
This is one of your best videos ever. Literally every aspect of it.
Infi יום לפני
My problem with Apple is not them making good new products, it's that they tie their good new products in with their old crummy ones to the point that the overall value proposition sucks. If I want AirTags I have to use an iPhone and miss out on a fingerprint reader and USB-C. I'd also be stuck with Apple's out-of-date browser engine, mediocre home screen, and terrible voice assistant - all things you're free to switch out on Android, but don't have to because the defaults are great.
Piotr D.
Piotr D. יום לפני
Apple plays long game, in almost Sun Tzu-nish way - fighting wars that are already won long time ago. Alpha Legion from W40k. 15 or so years ago, there was a webpage - bluetoothtracking (something ) - guy made custom antena and was collecting IDs of BT devices on single subway station....
costafilh0 יום לפני
This is the same in every ecosystem! Adapt or die! The bigger companies wouldn't be allowed to do anything if they had to invent and come up with new original stuff only! As an Android user, I'm glad most third-party apps I used to do to get new features are now built-in on Android! App and solution developers must adapt bringing new features or counting on the fact that it will happen sooner or later! The end!
Dushyant Choudhary
Dushyant Choudhary יום לפני
The next company to be killed by the greatest Shark 🦈 (Apple) will be Intel.
Iran Dude
Iran Dude יום לפני
Now let's watch apple block the tile app in the app store.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio יום לפני
I thought your analogy in the beginning was going in a different direction.
ifgvdgy יום לפני
Imagine someone loses an airtag near marques building and all their 100s of devices go off
TheGalacticWest יום לפני
[Apple disliked that]
Sachith Madusanka
Sachith Madusanka יום לפני
but the signal strength is way more worst than tile... it does not work for far away like 200 feet... but tile works...
Zaw Moe Aung
Zaw Moe Aung יום לפני
So, if this system come up and running, Apple would have the apparent locations of every device of every type and state.
Sean L
Sean L יום לפני
duet display killed themselves for me when they totally screwed up my graphics card drivers on my gaming PC and caused a bunch of my games to crash. Not sure if it's been fixed since then, I gave up on the app after that
Chris Howard
Chris Howard יום לפני
The people who disliked this video are Apple shills
Yash יום לפני
I am an existing, paying, CuriosityStream subscriber and I do not see a way to access Nebula.
Kennath Selvanesan
Kennath Selvanesan יום לפני
The audio quality of Marques' vids are just insane!! Full volume and my speaker doesn't sound like it's gonna explode 😍
random name yes?
random name yes? יום לפני
apple is disgusting not the brand, im allergic to apples
Y. Vamsi
Y. Vamsi יום לפני
BUT ............................. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!!!!!🤷‍♂️
bong kem
bong kem יום לפני
Then Apple builds Gamora and kills Nebula network 🤣
A Simp Male is just a Female in a Man's body
A Simp Male is just a Female in a Man's body יום לפני
They can do what they want, people have a choice... 😂
RogueStar_1 יום לפני
So why couldn't they just make one that works with the tile network AND the apple network?
H C יום לפני
You forgot to include Beats 😬apple killed them from the inside out, they still exist... And they also own it. But it's trash compared to their own integrated airpods etc...
Dvz27 יום לפני
I guess there are so many companies that don't have the cojones to sue Apple. If the are basically copying other companies technologies.
Vladimir Dramicanin
Vladimir Dramicanin יום לפני
What a perfect way to track you every day everywhere and always... For all purposes 🤔
knottingley Phone Repair
knottingley Phone Repair יום לפני
isn't that corporate bullying?
will16320 יום לפני
Re: Watson What about alfred though? Most brutal one was MacID imo
SACCKK _ יום לפני
Worth nothing that they also sometimes fail. HomePod could have been a Sonos killer but it didn’t succeed.
Aditya kr Singh
Aditya kr Singh 2 ימים לפני
So literally they are copying silently , the backbenchers who are copying from Toppers and with little bit optimization and that apple logo they are shark 🦈🦈🦈🦈
Thomas Larsen
Thomas Larsen 2 ימים לפני
Everyone in congress should watch this video.
Carlos Maldonado
Carlos Maldonado 2 ימים לפני
Margrethe Vestager, take a look at this. You going out fishing soon. ;) good luck. Im with you. Call me with yours sony erikson. )
Diego Lasner Pazmiño
Diego Lasner Pazmiño 2 ימים לפני
capitalism does not breed diversity!
Lauri Pulkkinen
Lauri Pulkkinen 2 ימים לפני
The title is probably not a nudge toward Barry Schwartz's book. Even so, take this as a quiet recommendation. It's a good book, should give modern techy people something to think about when making choices as consumers. Food for thought.
Bianca Gabriel
Bianca Gabriel 2 ימים לפני
I think I just watched a shark talk about another shark having dinner 🤔
William Liang
William Liang 2 ימים לפני
Apple designed their eco system and then build superior products specifically for their eco system. Nothing wrong there
Libero 2 ימים לפני
Love the magic mouse proudly charging in the background.
Mr Random
Mr Random 2 ימים לפני
what ever happened to beats by dre? i haven't seen any in a while
Endezeichen Grimm
Endezeichen Grimm 2 ימים לפני
I bought that 53 Pencil stylus and they killed it... I got it on sale, but still. I'm not going to forget about that.
DiscoR53 2 ימים לפני
Death by Bola or death by Bola Bola.
Gregory Sambrano
Gregory Sambrano 2 ימים לפני
Take a shot every time he says you have a choice
RNorthex 2 ימים לפני
In 2001, Microsoft was hit with antitrust complaints in how they bundled in internet explorer, gaining an unfair advantage over other browsers. There'd be no Alphabet or Apple if antitrust laws didn't hit IBM and Microsoft.
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